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About Us

Aims and Scope

The ASEAN Journal of Education publishes scholarly articles and works of significance to education. By collating research from diverse ASEAN countries the journal provides novel insight into educational practices that are interesting and applicable to the international community. The ASEAN Journal of Education uses an open access platform because the journal staff affirms that freely accessible information facilitates improved basic knowledge and applied practices in education. All research provided in the journal has been peer- reviewed to assure its significance and accuracy.

The Editorial Board

The ASEAN Journal of Education's editorial board consists of educational professional from around the world. While two of the members are from the journal\'s home institution, Suan Dusit University in Thailand, the other members are professors at educational institutions in the United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia. Editors have been selected based upon complementary areas of expertise and cultural experiences. 

About Our Authors

Like our editorial board members, our authors represent a variety of scholars from diverse cultures. While our journal explicitly publishes authors from the ASEAN region, we also consider publishing articles from authors outside of the ASEAN region. The goal of heavily focusing on ASEAN authors is to present underrepresented research in order to diversify the international perspective on education.

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