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Activity-based Learning by Using a Social Network Critical Reflective Practice Together with Project-based Learning: A Case Study of the General Education Subject, Suan Dusit University

Arpaporn Angsachon, Saisuda Puntrakool,


This research aimed to study the learning achievement of students before and after activity-based learning by using a social network critical reflective practice together with project-based learning. The sample population consisted of sophomore Suan Dusit University students studying the early childhood education curriculum who were enrolled in the information technology course (general education subject). A total of 115 second-year students in the Early Childhood Education faculty, from Section I1 and J1 of the Information Technology course during the first semester of the 2013 academic year, were selected. Research tools were composed of: 1) the teaching plan, 2) the students’ behavior observation form, 3) the achievement test, and 4) the satisfaction evaluation form. The data was analyzed using percentage, mean, standard deviation, and independent t-test. Research results demonstrated the following: 1) there were four stages in students’ behaviors observation which were planning stage, operation stage, presentation stage, and evaluation and future learning stage; the results demonstrate the activity and project-based learning stage preferences of the majority,2) the achievement evaluation found that most students had higher learning achievement outcome after attending class (p<0.05), and 3) the overall satisfaction of the students was neutral; ranked from the most to the least were the creation of an atmosphere in the classroom and the participation in learning activities among students and teachers.

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Key words: activity-based learning, critical reflective practice, project-based learning, social network
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