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Assessment of the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) Student Teaching Program Towards the Development of a Student Teaching Manual

Josephine C. Marasigan ,


Student Teaching Program (STP) caps the professional practice in the Teacher Education Curriculum. Hence, STP needs to be assessed in regards to the following components: Program Objectives, Administration, Supervision, Policies and Guidelines, Instructional Activities, and Methods of Assessment towards the development of Student Teaching Manual (STM). The study employed a descriptive method of research using a normative survey technique with documentary analysis. Unstructured interview was used to supplement the data. Results indicated that the level of effectiveness of STP in relation to its component was generally effective. As rated by the stakeholders, supervision was consistently ranked 1st, very effective, and the other components were all rated effective.Even though the majority of the components were effective, except for supervision which was rated very effective, opportunities for improvement of the implementation of STP could still be explored through the development of a Student Teaching Manual.

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