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Attitudes and Motivation of Non-English Major Students Towards Learning English as a Foreign Language: A Case Study

Pornpan Chairat,


The aim of this research is to identify attitudes and motivation of non-English major students towards learning English as a foreign language. The respondents were first year undergraduate students majoring in Public Health within the Faculty of Health and Sports Science at Thaksin University, Phatthalung Campus in the 2013 academic year. As quantitative research, the questionnaire adapted from Gardner’s Attitudes/Motivation Test Battery (AMTB) (Gardner, 1985) was employed as a tool to collect data in order to find out students’ motivational orientations in terms of instrumental and integrative motivation as well as their interests and attitudes towards learning English language. The data obtained from the questionnaire was calculated and analyzed by the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) program. Findings show that the majority of the students are surprisingly highly interested in learning English as a foreign language because they want to read the literature of a foreign language in the original language rather than a translation (x¯ = 4.40, SD = 0.81). In addition, although they are non-English major students, they have a very strong desire to learn English until it becomes natural for them (x¯ = 4.54, SD = 0.66). Furthermore, most of the students hold positive attitudes towards learning English language. Similarly, even though they are primarily motivated to learn English due to instrumental reason (“studying can be important to me because I think it will someday be useful in getting good jobs”, x¯ = 4.48, SD = 0.57), the results also show their high motivation towards learning English language because of some integrative reasons.

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Key words: attitudes, motivation, EFL, language learning
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