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Child Protection Policy Compliance in a Catholic Educational Institution

Karen L. Zamora1 , Dennis V. Madrigal,2 ,


Child protection policy is a statement of commitment of schools to safeguard children from harm and foster their holistic development and welfare. Using a sequential explanatory mixed method design, the paper examines the extent of compliance of the Catholic educational institution in the Philippines with the Department of Education (Dep.Ed.) Order No.40 on Child Protection Policy. The participants of the study are school personnel and parents of the Basic Education Department who assesses the extent of the school’s compliance with the Child Protection Policy in the areas of the school environment and admission policy, school personnel, information and procedures, safety measures for children, prevention and intervention programs, and personnel training and development. The investigation further seeks to determine the insights of the participants into the child protection practices of the school. The data are gathered using a validated researcher-made questionnaire and a semi-structured interview. The findings show that the Catholic educational institution has complied with the provisions of the child protection policy yet the personnel training and development are partially complied. A significant difference was found in the extent of compliance of the Catholic educational institution with the child protection policy when the assessors are grouped according to their classification. It is recommended that child protection should be integrated into the quality management system of the school to establish quality assurance measure in dealing with child protection related matters.

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Key words: Child Protection, Health and Safety, Policies, Quality Assurance
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