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Comparing Students’ Attitudes Towards English Language in an Indonesian State High School

Rully Novianti,


This article reports a study of high school students’ attitudes in Indonesia towards English as a foreign language. The attitudes in this study pertain to the students’ interest towards learning English as a language, their motivation to master it, their difficulty in learning English grammar, and also the importance of English for their future. Students from two different classes i.e. science class and social class were involved in this study. A questionnaire was administered to 72 students, n = 40 from science class and n = 32 from social class. It was found that the students’ of both classes interest in learning English was not statistically different. They consider that learning English is quite interesting for the students in both classes. Meanwhile in the matter of their motivation, difficulty in learning English grammar, and also their consideration in viewing the importance of English, the results show statistically significant differences between the students in both classes.

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Key words: Students' Attitudes, English as a Foreign Language, Comparative Study,
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