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English as a Lingua Franca in the Information Age: Insights into Its Role in Promoting Global Citizens and Creating New Definitions of the Self

Valentin Valentinov Tassev,


This research paper will explore whether learning and communicating in English allows learners to adopt new multiple identities and participate in new frameworks of communication and communities on a global scale. As such, this research paper will analyse whether English has become a medium through which learners could find new means for self-expression and self-identification, and integrate themselves more deeply in new frameworks of cooperation that operate on local, regional and global scales. In light of this, I will try to determine whether English as a lingua franca online allows for opportunities for civic engagement, social action and, lastly and most importantly, the extension of the self. I will, therefore, examine the intertwined and inter-dependent relationship between contemporary language and culture and discuss the role of English in fostering the development and the promotion of global citizens in the new information age. My aim is to conduct a case-study of a selected group of advanced students at the university level and determine if while communicating in English, they establish and participate in various communities possessing shared goals, interests and practices that allow them to drive social action and find new means for individual expression, self-identification and communicate issues of daily life.

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Key words: Culture, Identity, Self, Lingua Franca
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