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Faculty Student Engagements: Dimensional Aspirants or Deterrents

Teay Shawyun, Somkiat Wattanasap,


Workforce engagement is a key organizational factor with a set of determinants for organizational excellence for profit or nonprofit businesses that include healthcare and educational establishments. The “engagement” hype has spilled over into the higher educational institutions (HEIs) where student engagement is claimed as a key factor for student success, and is becoming a potentially important measure of student success. While it is recognized that student engagement is important, most HEIs have forgotten that it takes “two to tango”. The premise underlying this paper is that for successful faculty-student engagement, one would need to look at both sides of the aspiring and deterring determinants equation of student and faculty engagements. These determinants represent two sides of the “faculty-student tango engagement” equation, of which this paper aimed to explore. It examined the two main determining dimensions of environmental factors and behavioral factors of both faculty and students. In the environmental dimension, the normal determinants were the organizational factors, work psychological climate and loyalty enhancers. The behavioral dimension explored the psychological and emotive behavior together with personal and beliefs disposition. In determining the aspirants or deterrents dimensions, it aimed at identifying key fundamentals of a holistic framework for faculty-student engagement determinants, which when clarified will potentially strengthen the engagement foundation of institution success underlying student success.

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Key words: student engagement, faculty engagement, student success, faculty-student engagement model
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