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Problem-based Teaching Skills to Promote Skills in Communication and Use of Information Technology by Students Majoring in Information Technology

Narongrit Piromnok,


This research aimed to develop skills in communication and use of information technology of students majoring in information technology who learned through problem-based teaching and to measuring learners’ satisfaction levels with the learning set-up through problem-based teaching. Research results are as follows: 1) the evaluation of skills in communication and use of information technology through presentation work in front of the class showed that media design received the highest average score ( χ= 3.67), followed by communication ( χ = 3.31) and use of media ( χ = 3.12). As for the report summarizing project results, content received the highest average score (χ = 3.52) followed by report format (χ = 3.28) and use of language (χ = 2.96). 2) Learners were most satisfied with the set-up of problem-based learning activities to promote skills in communication and use of technology via the teacher’s use of a variety of technology media such as video clips, PowerPoint media, and examples of programs to complement the teaching (χ= 3.63, SD = 0.56), followed by learners’ freedom to do their own research in and outside class (χ= 3.62, SD = 0.54) and learners’ presentation using a variety of useful media (χ = 3.60, SD = 0.54).

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Key words: skills in communication, use of information technology, problem-based teaching,
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