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The Development of Indicators for Desirable Characteristics in terms of Leadership of Vajiravudh College’s Students

Trithep Ausakul, Chanasuek Nichanong, Arom Utrapab,


The objective of this study is to develop indicators for desirable characteristics in terms of “leadership” of Vajiravudh College’s students. The sample consists of 133 eleventh-grade and twelfth-grade Vajiravudh College’s students of the 2016 academic year, selected by using the Purposeful Sampling method. The research instruments adopted to collect data are questionnaires, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Principal Axis Factoring, and Oblique Rotation by means of ProMax method. The results showed that the set of variable analysis studied here could be extracted into 4 critical components, including knowledge/ ability, responsibility, sacrifice, and discipline. The range of the eigenvalues was located between 0.90-1.00 with an accumulative variance of 57.193. The result demonstrated the key factor in possessing leadership traits of Vajiravudh College’s students and the school has applied such factor to a strategy to determine the capability direction of students’ leadership skills.

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Key words: Vajiravudh College, Leadership, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Desirable Characteristics
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