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The Use of an Instructional Model Using Service Learning for Enhancing the Consciousness and Awareness in the Ethics and Computer Law Course

Phorramatpanyaprat Tongprasong,


The objectives of this research were : 1) to enhance the students’ consciousness and awareness by using an instructional model using service learning in the Ethics and Computer Law course; 2) to study the level of learning indicated by students’ behavior and perceived awareness by comparing pre and post study; and 3) investigate the efficiency of the service learning activity plan and behavior setting tools. The population comprised thirty-four business computer students from the Faculty of Management Science, Suan Dusit University who were enrolled in the Ethics and Computer Law course section B1, during the second semester of 2013. The service learning activity plan, observation form, behavior evaluation form, and the frequency record of work compliments and complaints were used as the instruments of this research. The findings revealed that the students developed their behavior and social responsibility. The students’ behavior and social responsibility after using service learning activity was higher than before and during using the activity. With reference to a comparison of students’ behavior scores pre and post study, their behavior was improved in personal and social responsibility; also, all social service activities were successful. The efficiency of the service learning activity plan was found at 82.00/85.91, which is higher than the standard criteria (80/80). The students’ attitude towards instructional media was found to be at a high level (4.88±0.33).

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Key words: instructional model using service learning, enhancing consciousness and awareness, ethics and computer law,
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