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The effects of reflection thinking on professional attitude, confidence and achievement of the Fundamental of Nursing Practicum students

Thanida Pumtha-it*, Manasaporn Vitoonmetha,


Abstract This quasi-experimental, one-group, pretest-posttest research aimed of study to utilize reflection on professional attitude, confident, and the achievement of Fundamental of Nursing practicum among nursing students. The target group of this study (N=83) were second year nursing students of Faculty of Nursing, Suan Dusit University who were practiced in the Fundamental Nursing Practicum subject during the second semester, academic year 2017. The research measurements were: 1) Nursing students’ reflection thinking on fundamental of nursing practicum 2) Nursing students’ Confident assessment form of Fundamental of Nursing Practicum 3) a nursing students’ professional attitude assessment form. Quantitative data was analyzed by using the descriptive statistic and Paired-test, while the content analysis explored the qualitative data. The findings revealed that the level of nursing students’ professional attitude on Fundamental of Nursing practicum before and after were good. (mean= 4.13 , S.D=0.851 , mean= 4.19, S.D=0.683) The comparison before and after score of professional attitude on Fundamental of Nursing practicum were not significantly. After practicing Fundamental of Nursing Practicum, nursing students’ confident were moderated. (mean= 3.49) and were significantly at level .05 (p<.05). After reflection technique on achievement of nursing students in Fundamental of Nursing Practicum were high level (Grade B+) at 50.60 %. Keywords: reflection thinking, professional attitude, confidence, achievement, fundamental of nursing practicum, nursing students

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Key words: reflection thinking, professional attitude, confidence, fundamental of nursing practicum
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