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AJE Vol. 5 No. 1, 2019 ,2019

AJE Vol. 5 No. 1, 2019

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Past Issues : AJE Vol. 2 No. 1, 2016
Table of Contents

Faculty Student Engagements: Dimensional Aspirants or Deterrents
Teay Shawyun, Somkiat Wattanasap
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Activity-based Learning by Using a Social Network Critical Reflective Practice Together with Project-based Learning: A Case Study of the General Education Subject, Suan Dusit University
Arpaporn Angsachon, Saisuda Puntrakool
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MOOC Camp: Building Community and Continuing Professional Development
Rina A. Angeles*, Mark Airon P. Creus, Wilfred G. Antonio
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Problem-based Teaching Skills to Promote Skills in Communication and Use of Information Technology by Students Majoring in Information Technology
Narongrit Piromnok
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Collaborative Learning, Gender Groupings, and Mathematics Performance
Edgar Julius A. Lim
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The Listening and Speaking Abilities of First Year Students Enrolled in the English for Communications Class Using the B-SLIM Model
Sirikorn Rochanasak
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Improving the Quality of Life and Social Development of the Donaranyick Community in Praksriracha District, Chainat Province
Staporn Tavornatvat, Pattaraporn Kitchainukoon
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Assessment of Implementation of the University of Rizal System Faculty's Extension Activities
Evelyn P. Magdalena*, Helen R. Blanquisco, Raquel F. Llaneta, Zenaida S. Angeles, William R. Lomangaya, Leonara J. Penano, Perlita M. Angeles, Yonie SD. Timog, Janeta S. Cabilin, Leni A. Avecilla, Elenita P. Patena
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The Using of the Moodle e-Learning Management System of Suan Dusit University to Develop Digital Citizenship and Learning Achievement in Information Technology
Titiya Netwong
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Introduction and Content 2016

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