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AJE Vol.6 No.1,2020

AJE Vol.6 No.1

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Table of Contents

Recommendations on Establishing Competency Standards and Core/Supporting Key Indicators of Vocational Competency among Undergraduates at Vocational Colleges Majoring in Hotel Services for 23 Positions in the Tourism Industry to be in Compliance with the Standards of ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals
Suthinan Pomsuwan*, Somruthai Soontayatron
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Lived Experiences of Higher Education Instructors in Senior High School: Challenges and Impact on Professional Development
Mark Airon P. Creus, Mary Ann B. Gatpandan, Janet Jay N. Amboy, Gina B. Dulce, EdD
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Strengthening the Oral Communicative Competence of Senior High School Students through Inquiry-Based and Content-Focused Approaches
Karen Rose A. Serrania, Revina O. Mendoza
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A Development of the Writing Instructional Model Based on Blended and Self-Directed Learning to Promote EFL University Students’ Writing Ability and Self-Directed Learning
Chuanpit Sriwichai, Bhornsawan Inpin
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A Knowledge Enhancement about Business Potential for Smart Residence Technology System in Thailand for Communities
Achara Jivacate, Wattanapong Rakwichian, Prapita Thanarak, Watchara Wongpanyo, Bunyawat Vichanpol, Chatkaew Chailuecha, Pirachaya Werasukho
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Development of Multimedia Packages for the Promotion of Teaching Morality and Positive Values to Youths in Four Regions
Shatchaya Duangchant, Narongrit Piromnok, Thinnagorn Chunhapataragul
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Curbing Overeducation in Singapore: A Demand-Supply Analysis
Rosan Basha, Choon-Yin Sam
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Exploring New Angles to Analyze Student Load Data
Amir H. Rouhi, Angel Calderon
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