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Factor Analysis of Spirituality as Medical Teachers, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University

Pattaraporn Naknagraed,


The purpose of this study was to analyze factors of spirituality as medical teachers. The sample was 300 medical teachers, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital. The instrument is a questionnaire about the characteristics of spirituality as medical teachers and the content validity determined by 0.67 - 1.00 of IOC and 0.98 of the alpha coefficient reliability. The methods used for data analysis was an Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA with the factor extraction that consisted of common factor analysis (CFA using PAF and orthogonality using by varimax method. The result of checking the relationship among the variables showed that 96 observable variables have KMO at 0.953, and communality (h2 is at 0.57 - 0.90. The results also found that there were 7 factors that showed the spirituality as medical teachers, that were; 1 roles and duties as a medical teacher 2 operating in an Integrity profession 3 responsibility 4 innovation and academic work 5 soulful of faith in the profession, medical teachers 6 consideration of benefits for work and altruism and 7 focus on self-development and journey to excellence. In particular, the obtained factors showed 63.81 percent of spirituality as medical teachers. In conclusion, the doctor who teaches or being called "medical teacher" should have the spirit of being a teacher because the doctor is not only treating patients but also has to teach medical students to have knowledge, skills, and attitudes so that they are able to treat patients effectively. Keywords: Factor Analysis, Spirituality, Medical teachers

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